I love working with you! Here is what some of my clients have had to say…

“Janine is a genuine coach. She was very good at digging out solutions and exceptions to the issues I presented. As a direct result of working with Janine I learned how to reconnect with my instincts and soul and work more honestly. This has given me the courage I needed to make massive proactive change in my life (quitting my job, going back to Uni etc.). I’m totally stoked with the outcome and I do recommend her as a coach.”

Waters Dragonfriend, QLD, Australia

“Janine is a calming spirit when she coaches. It is a very relaxing experience to work with Janine and that helps the brain focus on discovery when determining direction and next steps in life. I finally have a meditation practice as a result of coaching with Janine. Experiencing her calmness and being able to relate to experiences was very helpful. She is gentle and knows what questions to ask to get you thinking. Thank you, Janine!

Kathleen Mitchell, California, USA

“Thank you Janine for your generosity of spirit and reminding me of what I am achieving. Janine listens well, gave me space to talk and always ensured she was building me up, no matter what we spoke about. Janine is enthusiastic and I always came away from our sessions feeling grateful. I learned the value of being at peace with where I am and recognising what I am achieving.”

Margit Cruice, QLD, Australia

“Janine is very warm, sensitive and kind and is also good at noticing differences. She has good perspective on relationships and parenting. It was a good experience being coached by Janine and I learned a lot.”

Wenling Wang, New Zealand

“Janine is a unique young woman who has faced major challenges with patience, intelligence, discipline and kindness. I have met very few people that, like Janine, really do in their lives what they propose others to do. People like her are the best equipped to assist and support others to achieve their personal goals. I met Janine some years ago during a development program and I was very impressed by her honesty, professionalism, willingness to help others and her unity of principles.”  

Juan Semo, Victoria, Australia

“Janine is a very genuine, authentic, down-to-earth person. I really enjoyed working with Janine. She has a deeply caring and very kind heart for those around her. She’s reflective and has strong intuition.”

Jennifer H, India