Who is Janine?

I’m a devoted and proud Mum, a dedicated Primary School teacher and an inspired Wellness Coach.

My Back to Balance Story

Ever since I was a little girl, body image and self worth had been an issue. By the time I began high school, completely overwhelmed, I turned to controlling my food intake, alcohol, partying, perfectionism, busyness and excessive exercise to keep me feeling like I was in control of my life. In fact, I got my life so out of balance that by aged 19 I developed the illness Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Looking back, I was so lost and frustrated with my life, my nightclub friends, my relationships and life that I was turning that anger inward by neglecting my health and wellbeing.

It was not until I was bedridden, was consumed by my body, food, weight and exhaustion that I began to listen to myself, and contemplate what is my purpose in life, and what does this all mean?

I was at my lowest point when I desperately sought the help I needed to transform. Changing my dysfunctional behaviour patterns, setting better boundaries, finding supportive friends, setting small goals, expressing my anger skilfully, attending 12 step support groups, establishing healthier eating patterns, prioritizing sleep and implementing meditation and me time daily, are some ways in which my actions changed.

Thankfully I gained more than I could have ever imagined and my hunger emerged for understanding the mind. I continued my soul searching by qualifying and working as a Primary School Teacher and found helping others deeply rewarding.

In 2016, pregnant with my son and wanting more, I decided to move into the field of personal development. I became a Life Coach through the Life Coaching Institute of Australia.

How can Janine Help You?

Fast forward to today and I’m armed with success strategies based on my personal experience, and professional training. I help my clients heal their emotional pain and conflict, and remove fear and motivation obstacles, to give them tools and strategies to restore balance so they can move forward in their lives. In doing this, I continue to keep accountable to myself, and take pleasure in the joy of helping others find their true authentic self, and inner peace.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Janine Graham, to learn more about how my Wellness Coaching can help transform your life. What are you waiting for?